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Sisters explore conflict and the bonds of family as they face the reality of a terminal illness.

Not to be confused with the excellent Zendaya-led TV series of the same name and vintage, the feature film Euphoria is the first feature to emerge from Alicia Vikander’s Swedish production company. While the trailer doesn’t give much away, and I won’t add any spoilers here, this film presents a series of challenging ruminations on life and death.

Eva Green plays a sister with a terminal illness, who is situated in a location that aims to make the most of her final days. Performances by the leads, Alicia Vikander and Eva Green, are moving. These are further enhanced by an impressive supporting cast that includes an unnerving Charlotte Rampling and Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance.

The movie’s soundtrack is rather monotonous, which is a disappointing shift from the unstable relationship are the core of the drama. Those who lose themselves within the relationship of the sisters will find the movie’s conclusion powerful.

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