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Private investigator Matthew Scudder is hired by a drug kingpin to find out who kidnapped and murdered his wife.

It’s funny to think that Liam Neeson only accepted his role in <i>Taken</i> because he thought he’d never receive another chance to star in an action movie, given his age at the time. The irony is that since then, he’s almost exclusively been considered an action star, trotting out high intensity thrillers by the dozen. <i>A Walk Among the Tombstones</i> is one of his better roles in recent years.

Noirish in tone, this film has Neeson playing a former cop turned unlicensed detective, on a case to determine what happened to the kidnapped wife of a local drug lord. The journey is grim, and the film’s pacing and style match this effectively. Playing out like a traditional hard-boiled detective mystery, complete with a sidekick, femme fatale, powerful boss and cunning criminals, the film isn’t groundbreaking in its originality, but it plays its version of the noir mystery genre with skill.

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  1. nilofer

    Not a bad movie

    8.0 rating

    Not a bad movie